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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Setting up Whole Brain Teaching Cottage Day 3 & 4

Well it has been a crazy week as we continue on our adventure of setting up a Whole Brain Teaching First Grade Cottage!  So here is an update with pictures.


So I decided to cover most of my books this year with curtains.  Why...well I'm glad you asked ;)  Last year I really had a hard time with kids leaving books alone while I am teaching.  I know that Whole Brain Teaching will help but I'm thinking out of sight out of mind.  So, when they are allowed to change books I'll have it open.  When the curtain is closed the library is closed.  Plus I like how it looks.

Here is the front of my room. I moved the computers and the guided reading table again.  But I think I'll keep it this way...for now.

As you can see, tennis balls are in session.  I also covered the shelf with math manipulatives.  This way they don't play with things I don't want them to.

Here is my pinterest find.  Dry erase dots!  I'm SUPER excited about this!  I found them on Amazon.  I can't wait to use them with my math and reading groups.

And here is the mess that is left after Day # 3.


Well I needed a break before school starts so I went to Carowinds with my girls and my best friend.  Love spending time with my girls!


DAY 4 I'm not going back until Monday!!!!!

So after day 3 I went back today to finish up or at least get to a point where I feel like I can handle it next week.  I have my list of things to make this weekend and things I need to print off.   So here are the pictures from the end of today.

Here are the numbers with words I made last year.  My wonderful assistant who now has a classroom of her own this year helped me by putting the tens and ones cubes for point of reference. 
I really went back and forth with whether to put the shapes up or not since they will be on their name tags and space is an issue but I decided it was important to have for reference.  I thought it fit nicely above the door.

Here is one of my curtains my Mom made me and I put my owl colors above it. 

I needed a place to put student work so I used the doors of my storage cabinets for their OWL-STANDING work!

Here is an update of my reading area.  I am starting CAFE this year so I have my CAFE board ready to go.  On the other half I plan to either put Writing Goals OR Anchor Charts.

I have my Power Pix wall up and ready to go!   This will be my first year using power pix very excited about it!

This is a picture standing from the back of the room looking to the front.   It is really impossible to see but I have my WBT scoreboard on the whiteboard next to the number words.  I think I will be making it a little bigger.  I added a curtain for the table in the front to hide things I have under the table.  I am thinking of putting the overhead projector under the table until I need it.  I'm not used to using an over head projector since I've been spoiled with a Smartboard but I am hoping to get an LCD projector that I will be using mostly HOPEFULLY!!


And here is a closer picture of my board.  I have my calendar and my Genius Ladder I made.  I also have my rules above the board.  The calendar area is one I am working on.  This weekend I'm making new signs for Calendar and Number of the Day.  I am also making signs to post my objectives that I am teaching.  I have cool frames from Michaels that are magnetic that hold my papers for genius ladder and will hold my calendar papers.  It is hard to see but I will make better pictures next week. 
Well that's where I am in my room.  I still do not have my word wall or super improver wall up.  I will be working on this next week.  HOPEFULLY I have room for everything!  I am taking tomorrow off to spend the last Friday before our official first day.   Thanks for taking this adventure with me.  More to come...


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