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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Setting up the Cottage

Last week I got into my cottage, saw the space, and started arranging.  As I was arranging my room I couldn't help but think where everything would go.  I found  where my Power Pix wall and word wall will be going.  I think that I have a place to put my CAFE board.  My Super Improver Wall will be on my storage doors and my Practice Cards will be in the front of the room on the board I am going to do our Morning Meeting.   I went in the first day and with help moved the furniture around to examine space.   Last year my father in law made me the best tables to put between desk.  They take up a lot of room, especially in a cottage, however, it was so nice to have just an extra place for pencils, crayons, etc.  So they have to stay.  I'll show you my progress.

Here is Day 1...Getting to know the space.  

First we started with the big furniture finding it's home.


We had to figure out my space.  I considered getting rid of my teachers desk this year but decided I would need it for space.

I then found a meeting space and started placing a few baskets on the shelves just to get a feel

As you see I have 2 nice size bulletin boards! 

Day 2 setting the stage

 So after I went home and thought about the room a little more I decided I needed to change a few things.  I needed to move my meeting area because it really limits the space and I felt it was to close to the desks.   In moving the meeting area I had to move my small group area.  On Day 2 I took my books from home and started setting up my library.  I placed the books on shelves to just see how many books had a home. 

SO I moved my meeting space to the back of the room next to where my word wall and CAFE board will be.  This will work well when doing my mini lessons.  I haven't decided 100% whether to put my word wall on this board or my Power Pix.  I  am open to suggestions :) 

So in moving my meeting area my small group table is now in the front of the room next to the computers.  I like this set up though it is tight with 24 desk.  I am hoping not to have 24 students this year but I am prepared just in case.  The board you see in this picture will probably be my power pix wall.  The reason for this is because I will be meeting with Math and Reading group and I thought this would be a good reference.

 As you can see I still have a lot of work to do, and you wouldn't believe how much I still have to bring from home.  It really amazes me what you collect after 7 years of teaching.   I'll have more classroom pictures next week hopefully I will show you my boards and things set up.

Home Project:

So after I basically set up my classroom space, I had to go home and organize my files, stations, etc.  My garage was 1/2 full of things from my classroom so needless to say there was an abundant amount of organizing needed.  So I first took and separated Math and Reading into piles so that I could see what I had.  Here is where we started...
A mess right?   So after separating into math/reading piles I then started with math.  I had to think about how I would find things.  I thought about Common CORE Standards but let's be honest if I put 1.0A on a box I'm not 100% sure if I would know what was in there.  SO I went with Addition/Subtraction, Number Sense, Geometry and Measurement, and Holidays.  That seemed to work.    Here is where we stand right now with math...
I labeled each Crate so I would know what was inside when I am planning stations this year.
Now onto reading.  I have a lot more Math stations that reading I find, so I separated into word study, fluency, writing, and comprehension.  It's still a work in progress, but here is where I am right now.  I plan on moving items from my mailbox bin to crates, but I just ran out of crates.   This is my Saturday project :)
Oh and one last thing.   I have tile floor in my cottage and I know the movement of the chairs will bother me.  So I called a local tennis coach and he hooked me up with 2 bags off tennis balls.  I may not have 100% but it is a really good start.  SO here is a tip.  If you need tennis balls for your chairs, call coaches, teams, or tennis clubs.  They have old balls and will be happy to donate them.

So here is the start of my room adventure.  More to come next week.  Let me know what you think.


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