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Thursday, August 1, 2013

It has been a very busy summer.   I have decided to blog getting ready for the school year.  This year I will be at a new school, in a trailer, and doing Whole Brain teaching in everything I do.  I have not moved into my classroom yet, everything is still in my garage.  However, I have started getting my whole brain teaching signs ready.   The great Farrah Shipley started blogging how to get your classroom ready for Whole Brain Teaching.  I'm going to piggy back off of her blogs and tell you how I am applying them.

Since I can't get in my classroom yet I have started making things. She suggested start by downloading power pics and picture cards.  Last night I started making my practice cards.  I took my rules and reduced them in size to fit on a 3X5 Index Card.   I needed White, Purple and Green practice cards.  The white cards were very easy.  I got creative with my purple and green cards.  I took a white index card and purple and green marker and went around the cards.  I have Purple 3x5 cards and Green 5X8 cards.   I was thinking I would make the green cards a little bigger to make room for tally marks. 

I got my signs off of teachers pay teachers from First Grade Fever by Christie.  I used her rules and her call back poster because they go with the colors I use in my classroom.  My colors will be turquoise, brown, and lime with pink and blue mixed in.  I have an owl theme but  I went with the polka dot signs because I loved her pictures that went along with rules.   I have printed the rules and I'm hoping to find my construction paper to glue them on.  I have several things that will need laminating, so pictures of our laminating party may be coming!

I have started looking at my reading and writing workshop calendars to match what power pics to match my power pics with the topics I will be covering.  I will also be making my signs for my Power Pics Wall.  As soon as I get them finished I will post them. 

Well that is a recap of my latest projects, more to come!


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