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Monday, September 17, 2012

Whole Brain Lesson Planning

So last night I watched my first training video on wholebrainteaching and it focused on the way you plan your lessons.  It was really a genius moment that struck me.  First you start with a question and have them repeat.  Then you answer the question with gestures and they repeat.  You teach with several turn and talk moments so they teach each other as well keeping them engaged.  Here is the part that was pretty awesome. There is a OH YEA/No WAY test where you ask a question and they answer yes/no.  If 80% get it correct move on if not reteach.  THEN...move on the QT (cutie) game.  They cover their eyes and you ask more in depth questions figuring out more in depth knowledge if you have 80% that understand move on if not...reteach.  I thought wow instead of a test on paper that makes perfect sense!  SO I tried it today.  Wow. This is restructuring how I teach and my entire philosophy but I am loving it.  I have participation and can't wait to see what they retain.  I hope that is shows awesome results! I will keep you posted.....


Fun in 1st Grade said...

Isn't it awesome? I love WBT. I have also just started it this year and it is changing the way I teach, for the better! I have a page on my blog for WBT, I hope you'll stop by sometime!
:) Dana
Fun in 1st Grade

Fun in 1st Grade said...

I also feature new bloggers every Tuesday. You can see what that is like my going to a blog post on a Tuesday and email me if you are interested. It's a great way to get more blog exposure!
Fun in 1st Grade

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