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Friday, June 15, 2012

BUILD stations

Last year our school district adopted the Common CORE standards. My stations are based on BUILD.  I found this idea on pinterest and I base my literacy and math stations on the BUILD idea.  All of my stations are differentiated High, Middle, Low and I try to make them open ended to the point where the game or activity can either be repeated or I offer more than one choice in that station.

Here is how I run BUILD for Math (which will be very common to others you see out there).  In math I do a 15-20 minute Mini Lesson, 5 minute independent work (this is where I get who I need to pull or push during this time.  I use this as a "test" so I can see do you understand what I am doing, are you completely lost, or is it easy and no big deal.  My groups change daily.), then we have a 20 minute BUILD station and 20 minute small group.  Well that is how I did it last year.  I plan on doing something very similar next year depending on how our schedule looks.  I introduce one station at a time and we spend 2 - 3 days on that station at the beginning of the year.   This year I really plan on making a big deal on my expectations for each station, what work I expect to be completed, how to take care of the activity, etc.  We may spend a week on each center before we move on just so I can really pin it down and the kids know exactly what I expect.

B- Buddy Games
  • In this station I put games that we have played whole class or in my small groups with the kids that fit with our math unit we are working on.  
U-Using Manipulatives

  • This station has activities based on the skills that we are working on but everything uses manipulatives.

I-Independent Work
  • Last year I needed a stations for my kids to practice word problems.  This is how I used this station.   I put differentiated math work problems and they are on a reading level that they can read independently.  I also read on pinterest this station could be independent reading (math books). 
L-Learning Numbers
  •  This station is based solely on understanding numbers, number order, greater than/less than, etc.  An activity that I found the students needed to revisit last year was just a  simple activity of putting numbers in order starting at various numbers to 120. 
D-Doing Math
  •  I use this station to really emphasize what the skill I am teaching.  Last year we did true/false activities, matching numbers/shapes, etc. 
At each center I have an accountability piece for the students to complete.  Last year we had a BUILD notebook where they wrote what center and a little bit about what they did at that station.  

In literacy some people use the Daily 5.  I found it was easier for me to plan and to maintain using the same BUILD letters just giving a different meaning.  Again I had an accountability piece for each station that the students had to complete.   It helped the students stay focused and know exactly what they are suppose to do at that station.  

B-Buddy Reading/Computers
  • I have several books that I have more than one copy, Big Books, etc the students use at this station.  The partner picks a book out and they read the book together.  Last year I had them discuss/write their favorite part or something about what we talked about in our reading lesson.  I also plan on using my big books and my computers in this station this year.   
U-Using Sight Words
  • Last year on Teacher Pay Teacher I found these awesome cards that had word work activities for the kids to complete.  I put them on a ring and let them choose what activity they wanted to complete.  I also made a tic tac toe board with some of the same activities and used it in my spelling center however, this year that may change.  I gave the students a sight word test as the year went on and that is how they got their list of words that they worked on and it was different for each student.  It was completely based on how they performed the Dolch sight word list and as they mastered the words, their words change.  I also had them find their sight words in their books they use during guided reading.
I-Independent Writing
  • This was just how is was a time for them to write, they made cards, letters, stories, etc.  This year I plan on changing a few things at this station just because most of my kids I found made cards and it seemed to become more of an art than a writing station. 
L-Learning Spelling
  • As I mentioned above the students used their spelling list (I had 3) and they completed a tic tac toe activity (I will post this).  This year our school is adopting Words Your Way so I am not sure how this station will be structured but it will include some Words Your Way activities.
D-Doing Art/Games
  • This year I changed my stations in math and reading 3 -4 times before I got them nailed down.  At one point I got rid of my art and game stations.  I missed it and so did the kids so I brought it back in D.  I put some seasonal art activities here with some directions for them to follow (either words or pictures depending on the level of the activity).  I also have some fun literacy games, I Spy books, etc that I like to throw in just to give them a little break or a little fun.  This became my kids favorite center and  mine as well because it was my fun station that I needed just for me.
  As I get my room set up (in August) I will post pictures of my OWL room this year too :)  Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.